Team Building Program

Are you part of an inclusive and productive team?

Every day, in some way, we are part of a team. The question is not:  Will you participate in something that involves others? The question is:  Will your involvement with others be successful? Decode Greatness incorporates Certified Coaching Federation techniques, John Maxwell Leadership Development techniques, Personality Dimensions® Assessment as well as other material and techniques that can facilitate effective communication and a shared understanding of team goals and objectives, as well as necessary conditions for personal productivity.

what does the Team Development program look like?

This program will also help recognize the strengths and challenges of various communication styles. Participants learn to adjust their style of communicating to be better heard by diverse teammates, improving efficiency and minimizing unproductive conflict. The workshop and group coaching gives the opportunity for team members to openly discuss their needs, expectations, motivators, and potential challenges. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of what individuals will contribute to the team and how synergies can make the team’s results greater than the sum of individual contributions.

• 1 hour intake /coaching for each team members
• 4 hour in house training/course to learn each members temperament / greatness style
• 3 coaching session for each team members to  create clarity and focus in set priorities and goals
• 1-2 group coaching session within 30 days of course
• 2 1/2 hour workshop to create Go-To- Sentence, to create clarity in setting priorities.


• Monthly team development to align your current vision statement, mission statement and core values into actionable results. 3-8 consecutive sessions.

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