Leadership Development Program

Why is leadership important in every organization or municipalities?

Understanding and fostering leadership roles in the workplace is fundamental to the success of any organization. Your success has a direct correlation to your leadership capabilities and your personal development. Decode Greatness incorporates Certified Coaching Federation techniques, John Maxwell Leadership Development techniques, Personality Dimensions® Assessment as well as other material and techniques. The Leadership Development Program can help any organization enhance the skills of the existing leadership team and develop new leaders from within.  This program helps leaders identify their work styles and preferences, communicate more effectively with subordinates, peers, and customers; motivate team members to achieve extraordinary results and facilitate transformational organizational change.

What does the leadership program look like?

• Free 35 minutes consultation
• 5-6 month commitment

Session 1

• Review client questionnaire to set priorities. Questionnaire emailed to client prior to first session.

Session 2

• Review the leadership / temperament style assessment done online by client

Assessment covers the following areas:
·  At work temperament
·  Extrovert/Introvert stresses and work style
·  Leadership style
·  Employee/ co- work style
·  Tips for managing each style
·  What stress each leadership style
·  Communication style
·  Body language style
·  How to influence with each style of leadership
·  Core Values & Leadership values
·  Learning style
·  Motivation for each leadership style

Sessions 3-4

• Interpet and coach how your leadership style affect colleagues, team members and subordinates.
• How leadership and communication actions of different styles can help or hinder your work, achievements and success.

Session 5-7

• Assess and review your leadership level.
• Develop a script and action plan to move up the leadership ladder.
• Learn and review which of the 21 Laws of Leadership you need to work on.

Session 8-9

• Develop your leadership growth plan and your “Go-To-Sentence”  to create clarity for decision making and setting priorities.
• Review goals and priorities.

Session 10-12

• Coaching through any difficulties and or blocks that arise from action plans and growth plan.

Additional Resources

• Online 8 week course. Learn, Grow & Achieve with weekly coaching

Call or email for free consultation and individual or team pricing.

  • "I started working with Elizabeth through her Decode Greatness program, which helped me to better understand myself. Through her coaching, she helped me come up with a name for my business that is tied directly to who I am at my core. Elizabeth actively listens to what I say, then provides feedback and challenges me to think about things from a different perspective. She has coached me through barriers, both personally and professionally, and I think she is an amazing person to have in my corner."

    Pamela Waldner

  • “Elizabeth helped bring the staff all to work better together as a team. When we were done we had an amazing mission statement for the store that all the staff understood and were willing to work together to accomplish. Elizabeth is very good at working with different challenges that different personalities create.”

    Deb Parent


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