Executive / Entrepreneur Program

What type of leader or Entrepreneur are you?

When leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners excel, everyone benefits. Yet even the best people can find new leadership roles challenging, and even the most seasoned leaders need a fresh perspective. In the fast-paced world you live in and the highly competitive business environment you function in, the value of capitalizing on the kind of edge only a coach can give you should not be ignored.

What do Executives or Entrepreneurs gain from this program?

When leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners excel, everyone benefits.
Each session incorporates 3 Coaching techniques: Reviewing, Learning, and Assessing

Session 1

Review over goals and questionnaire.

Session 2,3,4

Review the leadership / temperament style assessment done online by client. Assessment covers the following areas:
● At work temperament
● Extrovert/Introvert stresses and work style
● Leadership style
● Employee/ co- work style
● Tips for managing each style
● What stress each leadership style
● Communication style
● Body language style
● How to influence with each style of leadership
● Core Values & Leadership values
● Learning style
● Thinking style

Sessions 5,6

How your personal style affect colleagues, team members, Subordinates and client interactions. How communication actions of different style can help or hinder your work, achievements and success.

Sessions 7,8

Bring more clarity into your daily actions and interactions.
Set up priorities that match you style of planning and execution.

Sessions 9,10

Develop your personal growth plan for reaching future success.

Sessions 11,12

Coaching through any difficulties and other blocks that arise from the plans, actions of the growth plan.

Additional resources

On line 8 week course. Learn, Grow & Achieve with weekly coaching


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